Be a Presenter in EasyPower/Bentley System's Webinar Program

Why Present

Presenting a webinar as part of our program can give you and your company great exposure, both during the live session as well as in views of the recorded video in our library. We typically get between 75 and 150 registrations, sometimes getting as high as 300+. Once the video is posted in our video library we will often have as many as 500+ views in the first year it is posted. Registration will be higher if we can publisize it in at least two of our newsletters, so getting the details finalized 6 - 8 weeks before the webinar is very helpful.


We typically have two industry-focused webinars each month, roughly every other Thursday at 10:00am pacific time. The webinar presentations are normally 30-50 minutes long and can include live Q&A time at the end, if you would like. You can either present live or record it in advance and we will play the video at the time of the webinar. One advantage of the pre-recording option is that you can log in and answer chat questions as they come up during the session. 

Guidelines for Titles and Descriptions

We can't firmly hold a webinar date for you until we get the information in the form below. The title and description are what draws people to register are important to the webinars success. Here are some quidelines to help you create a good title and description for your webinar. 

Title: Please keep it 6 to 10 words, 12 is an absolute maximum due to limitations in some of the places it will be listed. Think about something that will easily catch people’s interest.

Description: Please keep something similar to the following format.

  • (Optional) A sentence to two stating the problem and/or setting up the need for the topic that is being addressed. These can also just be background, as apposed to a problem/issue to solve.
  • “This webinar (or presentation, if you prefer), given by John Smith, (P.E./job title optional) at Electrical Systems Inc, will discuss…”
  • Followed by a sentence or two about what will be presented (and possibly why).
  • Note: The format of the locations were these are posted don't lend themselves to bullet point lists of topics covered, so if you have a list of topics you will need to convert them to a few sentances. If you would like any help putting together a good, compelling title and description, let us know, we have experienced technical writers on staff that would be happy to help.

Here is an example of a good title and description:

Title - AC Interference in Shared Corridors
Description - Increasingly, the electric power industry finds the need for rights-of-way that are either co-located or that cross other conductive facilities such as pipelines or railroads. High voltage AC transmission lines may affect adjacent facilities, which can possibly damage equipment, reduce the facilities longevity, and create hazards for the personnel and public. This webinar, given by David Lewis, P.E., an electrical engineer at EasyPower, explains how nearby facilities are affected by AC interference and provides guidance in the steps that engineers can take to accurately evaluate the complex challenges of AC interference using XGSA_FD.