Working With A New EasyPower Update

Updating from Within EasyPower

If you have a stand-alone license (not using a network license), you can update your software from within EasyPower by selecting Tools > Update. If you are using a network license or installing EasyPower on the computer for the first time, you can download the installation file by clicking the appropriate link.

Download the Software by Clicking the Appropriate Link

Download the appropriate software using the links you will find at the Updates Login page. For major releases such as this one, you will need to use this process of downloading and installing the software. For minor releases, such as service packs, this can also be done from within the software under the Tools menu.

Activating Your New Software

Enter your authorization code that corresponds to the appropriate license when prompted during the install process. If you are not sure of your authorization code, go to the Updates Login page and put in your serial number and it will show you your authorization code.

Important: If you are installing on a network, you must perform the server installation and activation BEFORE you install and activate EasyPower on your client computers.

Technical Assistance

Please call us at 503-655-5059 (option 2) or email if you need any assistance or have technical questions. To give us feedback on the new EasyPower release, please email