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Electrical Safety Programs Made Easier

SafetyTracker makes electrical safety programs easier than ever to implement, delivering powerful tools for plant personnel to:

NFPA 70E and OSHA Compliance | Completely Simplified

Simply put, no other program provides a faster or easier way to comply with NFPA 70E and OSHA regulations.

Used to view one-lines created in EasyPower and EasySolv, SafetyTracker automatically generates the required documentation—and keeps detailed track of it—for the convenience and safety of plant personnel.

First, one-lines are created and arc flash studies are conducted with EasyPower or EasySolv. Then SafetyTracker users access those files (without modifying the one-line) to get their job done—quickly and conveniently.

Stay on Track with SafetyTracker

  • Reference EasyPower and EasySolv one-lines

  • Print accurate arc flash labels

  • Create energized work permits

  • Access all safety documents in one place

See the comparison chart for more details.

Who Should Use SafetyTracker?

Plant personnel charged with managing and implementing electrical safety and compliance programs will get the most out of SafetyTracker, including: