Integrated One-line Diagrams

True One-line Diagram Integration

Designing, maintaining and analyzing electrical power systems doesn’t always have to be as difficult as it sounds. An industry first, EasyPower’s truly integrated electrical one-line diagram program remains the fastest-performing and easiest-to-use on the market. So easy, in fact, practically anyone can use it.

Take advantage of EasyPower, using the one-line diagram as your master design system to:

Exclusive Snap Technology™

There’s no need to be an AutoCAD® expert with EasyPower’s proprietary and innovative Snap Technology. Simply drag and drop devices into place and the one-line automatically “snaps” them together.

Capture the power of EasyPower’s integrated one-line, an included feature with any EasyPower configuration you choose.

One-Touch Automation

One touch is all it takes to size feeders, breakers, fuses, switchgear, busway, MCCs, electrical panel schedules, and more.

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