Electrical Panel Schedule and Motor Control Centers

Electrical Panel Schedules and Motor Control Centers | Plain and Simple

Included with the EasyPower Base Package, the motor control center and electrical panel schedule feature provides the simplest and most efficient way to log and analyze motor control center and panel data—all in a familiar spreadsheet format.

No more fumbling around in multiple databases or file folders to access critical documentation. Store and retrieve all your motor control center and electrical panel schedule information by simply clicking on a piece of equipment on the one-line. With EasyPower, you’ll find it a snap to:

Data entered into EasyPower’s MCC and panel schedule spreadsheets is automatically analyzed by Protection & Coordination™ (protective device coordination), PowerFlow™, and Spectrum™ for intelligent decision-making.

Get unmatched flexibility for specifying reusable models, and minimizing data-entry errors with the onboard library of motor control center and electrical panel schedule models. Plus, a detailed summary sheet provides connected load, demand load, design loading, and NEC load requirements.

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