PowerFlow™ Load Flow Analysis Software

Load Flow Analysis | Instantaneous, Intuitive, and Comprehensive

With the most accurate and fastest algorithms ever developed, EasyPower PowerFlow provides instant and intuitive results for load flow analysis whether your system is 10 or 10,000 buses. Analyze balanced, unbalanced, single-phase, and DC systems with one click - all in one model and without needing to pay for additional analysis modules.  

PowerFlow, our load flow analysis software, offers unrivaled speed and accuracy with a user-friendly interface that delivers the ability to: 

Unmatched in the Industry

No other program on the market comes close to PowerFlow’s:

Intelligent and Automatic | Real-World Simulation

Gain valuable insight for troubleshooting many types of electrical problems with PowerFlow’s dynamic interaction on the one-line, allowing easy simulation of real-world conditions with minimal time and expense.

Quickly and precisely size equipment, including switchgear, breakers, switches, fuses, busway, conductors, motor control centers, and panelboards. PowerFlow even highlights overloaded conditions, showing improperly sized equipment, proper generator and capacitor placement, and transformer tap settings.

Conserve valuable energy by making intelligent decisions. Effortlessly minimize system losses, optimize power generation, and control voltage with capacitor switching. And simulating everything on the one-line, before actually implementing, will let you foresee the impact.

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