Revit® Integrator Module

Revit MEP Integration with EasyPower Power System Analysis

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The demo includes the new Revit Integrator module.

EasyPower® Revit® Integrator offers an efficient data integration between Autodesk® Revit and EasyPower—two powerful platforms in the engineering industry. This feature automatically and instantly creates a one-line (single-line) diagram in EasyPower with one mouse-click in Revit. The Revit to EasyPower import process captures all relevant parameters from Revit families and instances and populates the EasyPower equipment database for analysis and design. 

You can customize the mapping between Revit and EasyPower data. You can export the results of detailed analyses and design from EasyPower to Revit, including short circuit currents, arc flash hazard results, voltage drop, equipment ratings, and parameters for cables, circuit breakers, panelboards, switchboards, and transformers.

Revit Integrator can run as a stand-alone module and requires a separate purchase.

Manage Revisions

As your Revit model is revised through various stages in design, construction, and operations, the project merge wizard enables you to update the EasyPower one-line and equipment data, ensuring both models stay in sync. You can review the new and existing project data, easily identify changes in your project, and accept or reject changes as per your requirements.


Map Data Between Revit and EasyPower

Revit and EasyPower Integration Workflow