New Features and Enhancements in EasyPower 9.8

The following new feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes are included in EasyPower 9.8. Follow this link for a summary of these changes as well as installation instructions.

OnSite™ Compatibility

EasyPower has been updated to be compatible with the new EasyPower OnSite mobile app. This includes a Media Gallery, where you can attach pictures to your power system equipment, and Collected Data, which displays information imported from other sources, including EasyPowerOnSite.

Note: As a result of this change, the Import Data tab has been removed from the data dialog boxes and is now replaced by the Collected Data tab.

IEEE 519-2014 Enhancements

EasyPower harmonics calculations have been updated to include changes detailed in IEEE 519-2014 standards. This includes:

T-ZSI Support

EasyPower now includes support for T-ZSI (threshold zone selective interlocking) for GE Entelliguard trip units.

New Transformer Cooling Classes

Transformer cooling classes have been added as per new ANSI C57 and IEC-60076 standards.

Transformer Impedance

There are now additional fields on the Impodance tab of the two-winding transformer's data dialog box. You can enter a user-specified MVA/kVA Base so you can describe impedance based on a self-cooled or forced-cooled rating. In addition, a Loss kW field has been added to obtain the X/R ratio based on data sheet specifications, and an X0/R0 Ratio field has also been added.

Schedule Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to schedules for panels, MCC and switchboards. New text styles allow for customization of font, size, and weight. New schedule variables have been added. There is a new Accessories tab in the data dialog boxes for buses, MCCs, and panels, where you can include additional accessory and meter data information. Metered data can be included in the schedules. User-defined abbreviations for the Demand (Code) Names are now supported.

Export Short Circuit Reports as CSV

There is a new option in Short Circuit Options that enables you to export the short circuit and equipment duty reports to a CSV (comma separated value) file. The files are stored in the same folder as the DEZ file.

Functional Groups

EasyPower includes a new Functional Groups feature that enables you to combine specific equipment on the one-line. In this release, the first functional group available is a Relay Controlled Fuse Group.

User-Defined One-line Device

There is a new option available on the Arc Flash Hazard tab of a bus, under Trip Times for this Bus. With this option, you can specify which device you want to use for the TCC time, and the program will obtain the trip time automatically. You can select a device type (relay fuse, or low voltage breaker) and device ID. If you select a relay, you also select the relay function.

Transparent Fill

Transparent fill is now available as a default color on TCC plots for thermal magnetic breakers and solid state trips.

Licensing Improvements

The Manage License Keys window (available under Tools > Manage Licenses) now displays more information about each license, including the type of license, the number of buses, and the features available. A new link has been added to the window that enables you to easily open the Sentinel Admin Control Console for advanced network license management.

Start Page

EasyPower now opens with a new Start Page that is designed to help new or experienced users easily create or open one-lines and to find helpful resources such as videos and documentation.

In-Product Tutorials

Thirteen product tutorials are now available to help walk you through numerous procedures in EasyPower. You can follow along in the software as the tutorials walk you through basic and advanced features of EasyPower.

Note: Due to the type of activities in the MCC and panel tutorials, these two tutorials open in a separate browser window, which is different from the behavior of the other tutorials. You need to adjust your window sizes as described in the tutorials to view the MCC and panel tutorials side-by-side with EasyPower.

SafetyTracker™ Has Been Replaced with EasyPower

SafetyTracker has been discontinued and its features are now available through a modified version of EasyPower. SafetyTracker customers on current maintenance plans will receive a new Viewer license key for EasyPower. This EasyPower version has the same functionality that was previously offered in SafetyTracker.

Bug Fixes

9.8.1 SP2 Fixes

9.8 SP1 Fixes

9.8.0 Fixes