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The Smart and Efficient Mobile Data Collection Choice

EasyPower OnSite is a tablet-based, touch-friendly application that assists with electrical power system data collection in the field. The data collected with OnSite can be used by EasyPower to perform an analysis.

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Field Data Collection—The Advantages Of Being Digital

By building the one-line diagram and attaching nameplate and other images in the field you improve accuracy and completeness of the collected data. You can save time and money by transferring the collected data, including images, equipment location and notes, directly to EasyPower.

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Download EasyPower OnSite from the Windows Store and use it in demo mode today. You can try OnSite on any PC that is running Windows 10, whether it is a tablet or not. OnSite is designed for optimal use performing field data collection using a Windows 10 tablet. See system requirements at the bottom of the page.

Download OnSite from the Windows Store

Simply Your Data Collection Process

While typical data collection materials include data collection forms, large format one-line diagram printouts, clipboards, notes, sketches, and a digital camera, EasyPower OnSite simplifies the process by consolidating all within the digital OnSite project. This allows you to collect the data and build your one-line using only a tablet. You can also collect associated data for your electrical power systems such as pictures and (digitally) hand-written notes, and then attach them to the equipment on the one-line diagram for future reference. All of the collected data, one-lines, pictures, notes and sketches are then imported directly into EasyPower, where you can then do device coordination, arc flash, power flow, or short circuit analysis.

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Broad Range of Uses

Who Should Use OnSite?

Whether you are a consultant or work at a facility, EasyPower OnSite is a smart and efficient choice for collecting data in the field. OnSite users can include:

Use EasyPower for Full Coordination or System Analysis

EasyPower OnSite is meant for collection of data and building your one-line in the field, and helps to make sure your collected information is thorough and complete. It does not, however, do any analysis of this data. To use the data for protective device coordination, arc flash, power flow, or short circuit analysis, you need all or part of the EasyPower Arc Flash Suite.

Note: If you are a user of the EasyPower Arc Flash Suite, the data you collect will import into EasyPower for analysis and coordination purposes. 

Try Before You Buy

Download EasyPower OnSite from the Windows Store and use it in demo mode today. It’s the smartest, easiest way to decide! You can try OnSite on any PC that is running WIndows 10, whether it is a tablet or not, although it's intended use for field data collection is best done on a Windows 10 tablet.

Download OnSite from the Windows Store

System Requirements

OnSite is an app designed for mobile tablets running Windows® 10. It is optimized for use on a touchscreen, but can also be used with a keyboard and mouse.

The following are the recommended system requirements:

Note: You will experience better performance with additional RAM and storage, particularly when working with large projects.

Optional Equipment: