The Arc Flash The Easy Way, 4-Part Webinar Series

This is a four part series that covers the steps needed to do a basic arc flash study. The topics include the NFPA and OSHA standards and regulations that apply to arc flash. Then data collection is covered in preparation for system modeling and arc flash analysis. The series wraps up with arc flash reports, labels, and project recommendations.

This presentation discusses how to meet NFPA compliance and control costs with a discussion of safety related to arc flash hazards.

This presentation covers the steps needed to do effective arc flash data collection and avoid expensive delays.

This presentation focuses on the use of the EasyPower Arc Flash suite of software and its use in building the one-line and performing initial arc flash incident energy analysis.

This final presentation in the series highlights the features used to facilitate compliance, such as exporting reports, customizing and printing labels, and final recommendations.