ArcFlash™ Module

Arc Flash Solutions | Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Thousands of companies have come to rely on EasyPower for developing sound and compliant arc flash programs. Given recent OSHA regulations and workplace safety concerns, it is now a top priority for many more in the industry.

Tap into EasyPower’s ArcFlash tools to complete and manage your arc flash initiative.

Reduce risk, save time, and ensure compliance with these key features:


With ArcFlash, you will confidently meet OSHA and NFPA 70E regulations and electrical safety program requirements—all far more easily than with any other arc flash program available.

Others pale in comparison to what ArcFlash brings to the table:

Electrical Safety | More Manageable with a Mouse

With familiar Windows® tools, ArcFlash couldn’t be easier to use. It makes once-complicated tasks a snap to perform—all with unbeatable speed and accuracy. You will find it refreshingly easy to:

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