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Resources for Arc Flash Safety Programs

Reduce Risk and Liability

On average, approximately 5 to 10 arc flash explosions occur on the job every day in the United States. What are you doing to protect your employees and your company from these potentially devastating arc flash hazards?

No matter where you are in the challenging process of developing or implementing an arc flash safety program, you can rely on EasyPower to help. Please take advantage of our free resources and come back often for updates on this evolving topic.

EasyPower Software

EasyPower software allows you to quickly and intuitively build your oneline and perform arc flash calculations to ensure that you are in full compliance. By using the powerful features in EasyPower you can avoid costly hazards and get automatic alerts. Test-drive a demo version of EasyPower free and experience for yourself the speed and power of world class power analysis software.

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FREE Resources

Start using these free resources to develop, implement, and maintain an effective arc flash safety program!

10 Steps of an Effective Arc Flash Hazard Safety Program Navigate through the maze of information to start developing your arc flash safety program with this handy guide. Free Copy
Calculating Arc Flash Energies for Systems <250V This article provides a guide to calculating arc flash hazards and PPE for circuits rated <250V using electrical software. Free Copy
Arc Flash Hazard Labeling Do's and Don'ts This article provides a guide to industry, recognizing that the NEC, NFPA, and OSHA set the standards but do not cover the myriad of questions associated with labeling the different types of electrical equipment in industry. Free Copy
Practical Solution Guide to Arc
Flash Hazards
$70 Value
Packed with expert advice and real-world insights for ensuring safety and compliance, this 133-page book is a must read. Written by Chet Davis, PE, Satish Shrestha, Conrad St. Pierre, and Robert Luo, Ph.D. Free Copy
Arc Flash Study Specification You won’t find a more useful tool to prepare for an arc flash study. Take advantage of this 20+ page template for writing your own study spec for bid solicitation. Free Copy
Arc Flash Calculator Conduct instant arc flash hazard calculations and see the impact that system changes have on arc flash energy levels and personal protective equipment requirements. Use Now
Demo Copy
Perform lightning-speed arc flash calculations in full compliance, avoid dangerous and costly hazards, get automatic alerts … and so much more. Experience the industry’s powerhouse software for yourself. Free Copy
Demo Copy
Quickly and easily create detailed one-lines, perform arc flash hazard calculations, and maintain system and safety documentation—all in one place. Try EasySolv today. Free Copy
SafetyTracker™ Demo Copy Implement fully compliant safety programs and track all documentation from the read-only one-line. Designed specifically for facility and plant personnel. Free Copy

Additional Resources

EasyPower delivers comprehensive world-class electrical safety solutions.

Arc Flash Safety Practices Don’t get caught noncompliant with OSHA and NFPA 70E mandates. Let us help you develop comprehensive, custom-tailored safety practices and procedures—in full compliance. Learn More
Engineering To support all aspects of your arc flash safety initiative, we offer expert engineering services: comprehensive arc flash hazard studies, planning, design, preventative failure analysis, and more. What’s keeping you up at night? Learn More
Training Learn about arc flash safety from EasyPower experts through a variety of training options: Regional PowerClass, onsite training for your unique projects, Web-based support, and more. Learn More

Recommended References

A Practical Guide to Short Circuit Calculations
Written by Conrad St. Pierre.
This 536-page hard cover is a comprehensive guide to AC short-circuit currents.
Buy Now
Industrial Power System Grounding Design Handbook
Written by J.R. Dunki-Jacobs, F.J. Shields, Conrad St. Pierre.
This is a comprehensive reference and study guide for the design of industrial and commercial power systems as dictated by optimized neutral-grounding and ground-fault-protection practices.
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