EasyPower 10.3 Update Release Notes

EasyPower LLC is excited to announce our release of EasyPower 10.3! This release focuses mainly on two new module - a Revit Integration module and a Power Systems Reliability module.

The Following are New & Enhanced Features in EasyPower 10.3:

To view a detailed list of changes and fixes, go to the 10.3 details page.

Revit® Integrator™

EasyPower's Revit Integrator™ feature enables you to share data between EasyPower and AutoDesk® Revit® software. Use this feature to easily extract electrical system information from Revit to automatically create an EasyPower one-line. You can design your system and perform analysis functions in EasyPower, and then export the results from EasyPower back to Revit. You can repeat these steps to keep your Revit and EasyPower data synchronized.

See Using EasyPower with Autodesk® Revit® Software for more information.


EasyPower's Reliability module is based on the IEEE 493 standard, which is commonly known as the "Gold Book." It provides electrical engineers with the tools to quantify the reliability, availability, and cost impact of downtime for their electrical power system networks. It offers one-click analysis of the entire system, and not just a single load branch. Automatic data mapping ensures there is minimal additional work required to perform a reliability assessment on a power system after the one-line diagram is created

You can import data from our library which is populated with information from IEEE 493-2007 Annex Q, which contains decades' worth of empirical reliability data by equipment type. You can also customize the data in the individual data dialog boxes, or by using a spreadsheet view that enables you to easily edit multiple pieces of equipment at once. If you have failure information more appropriate for your specific equipment, you can override the Annex Q numbers to get a more accurate prediction of your system’s reliability. You can also create your own custom library to import your specific data. Regardless of the source used, you can automatically map this data to your one-lines so that you don’t have to manually enter it.

EasyPower provides you with reports that display information about your system reliability results.

Note: New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

See Reliability for more information.

10.3.1 - SP1 Release Notes

EasyPower 10.3 Service Pack 1 includes the following bug fixes.

Arc Flash




Short Circuit

Translation - SP3 Release Notes

EasyPower 10.33.177 Service Pack 3 includes the following bug fixes.

Additional Release Information

Updating from Within EasyPower

If you have a stand-alone license (and not a network license), you can update your software from within EasyPower by selecting Tools > Update. If you are using a network license, you should use the manual update outlined below - download and then activate the software.

Activating Your New Software

Your authorization code has been sent to the registered user at your company. This code will be needed when downloading the update outside of the EasyPower software.

Installation Details 

You will need a serial number to download the update, and the authorization code to install the new version of the EasyPower software. Both of these were sent to the registered (primary) user at your company.

EasyPower updates are accessible to all EasyPower users with a current maintenance contract.

Please note the following comments associated with this release:

Files will be installed to the following locations:

Important: If you are installing on a network, you must perform the server installation and activation BEFORE you install and activate EasyPower on your client computers.

Technical Assistance

Please call us at +1(503) 655-5059 option 2, or email support@easypower.com, if you need any assistance or have technical questions. To give us feedback on the new EasyPower release, please email feedback@easypower.com.

The EasyPower knowledge base has additional solutions to help you use EasyPower to solve your electrical problems.

Technical Help - Finding Your Serial Number

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Historical Release Notes

Here is a list of historical release notes as well as update details, for more recent versions.