EasyPower OneLine Designer

An Affordable Solution for One-line Creators

With the powerful one-line creation features of EasyPower, OneLine Designer is an affordable and effective solution for companies that need to create one-lines and enter data, but don’t need full analysis capabilities.

Get the job done quickly and easily with familiar and comfortable Windows tools in a simple interface.

Complex Designs | Practically Effortless

EasyPower OneLine Designer makes creating one-line diagrams simpler and smarter than ever. There’s no need to wade through cumbersome and inaccurate arc flash spreadsheets or tables. Simply drag and drop devices from an intuitive equipment palette, and add documentation for convenient access.

The .DEZ files can then be printed for documentation of completed work or saved for use by EasyPower users who can then run arc flash or other analysis on the entered data. OneLine Designer one-lines can be used in EasyPower®, EasySolv™, and SafetyTracker™ one-lines; one-lines created in these programs can also be reviewed and modified in OneLine Designer.

Who Should Use EasyPower OneLine Designer?

Anyone who creates one-lines but doesn’t need to do analysis can use EasyPower OneLine Designer. Often, these users are assisting an electrical or power engineer who then uses the one-line file in the EasyPower program to do analysis of arc flash hazards, device coordination, power flow, or dynamic stability.

Also, electricians who perform work on existing systems can use One-line Designer to create one-line drawings to give to their clients as documentation.

OneLine Designer users include:

If you need tools for arc flash analysis, protective device coordination, power flow or dynamic stability, OneLine Designer files can be easily opened in EasyPower, with all of the associated analysis capabilities. See our product comparison chart for more details.

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